Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Basic Information

 Address 4−7−25 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001
 Phone 03-3445-0651
 Hour 11:00 AM – 05:00 PM
(Wednesdays until 08:00)
 Closed Mondays
 HP http://www.haramuseum.or.jp
 Special Exhibition

Access by Public Transportation

・15mins walk from Takanawa Exit, JR Shinagawa Station
・3mins walk from Gotenba Bus Stop, Tan NO.96 Buses

I took bus rides, but this Tan NO.96

Walking from the Museum to the Bus stop



The Building

a title=”hara6″ href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/99850400@N05/11478336664″>hara6

Sorry for the quality of this picture. It was Yasumasa Morimura’s special exhibition.


It reminded me North Europe, like Finland.



There are lots of statues in the garden. It is banned the photo taking.

Cafe d’Art

I often take my lunch on the museum cafes, and I liked very much with this lunch. As I know, Tokyo is the best place to eat those casual Italian or French, actually it is categorized as “Yoshoku” in here. Not traditional Japanese, but it has over 100 years history in here. We mixed lots of dishes from abroad, and fixed to our taste.


This is not a pretty big museum. Because of the volume of the pieces, I had thought it is some kind of steep. But to support new or modern art, this museum is an important factor, I am sure.

Hotels nearby

Because this museum is so small, I do not think you need to book hotels only for this museum. But the most convenient place might be around Shinagawa Terminal area.


National Palace Museum

Basic Information

 Address No.221, Sec. 2, Zhishan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11143, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
 Phone +886-2-2881-2021, +886-2-66103600
 Hour Open daily from 08:30 to 18:30 all year round.
 Closed No
 HP http://www.npm.gov.tw/en/
 Special Exhibition Future Exhibitions

Access by Public Transportation

Take the MRT Danshui Line to the Shilin Station and take bus R30 (Red 30 – Low-floor bus), 255, 304, 815 (Sanchung – NPM Line), Minibus 18, or Minibus 19 to the plaza in front of the National Palace Museum.

Take the MRT Wenhu Line to the Dazhi Station, then take bus B13 (Brown 13) to the National Palace Museum. Alternatively, visitors may choose to take the Wenhu Line and get off at Jiannan Rd. Station, then take bus B20 (Brown 20) to the plaza in front of the National Palace Museum.


Please also check about the bus


The Main Building

The second building. I was too tired to visit this.

Sanxitang Teahouse

I often take my lunch in the museum cafes, in this time, I took my lunch at “Sanxitang Teahouse in the 4th floor.
View from the teahouse.

The tea is Ah-li-Shan. This dimsum is a vegitable one.
It is so small, but I was almost trough up because of the too much people in the museum. It was too early to be full the sheets, but the serve was so slow for me, Japanese. But I was so tired with being with so many people. The empty hole, better air, and the slow service speed made me refresh.



The rich of Chinese culture! I several times went to some Chinese historical exhibitions from Mainland of China. No, no, no. GO TAIPEI! Of course those exhibitions might be not pretty great like seeing in Mainland of China.

The famous the Jade Chinese Cabbage and the Meat Shape Stone are pretty detailed and realistic. Laughed? Yes, Cabbage and Meat. Truly, Cabbage and Meat. I was so laughed, but seeing them by my eyes, I was moved. It looked so tasty. But at 24th of Jun- 15th of Sep, 2014, one of they are in National Museum of Tokyo, and 7th of Oct – 30th of Nov 2014, the other is in National Museum of Kyushu.

Pretty Crowded

In this museum, it is pretty crowded like MoMA. It is not so big like Metlopolitan Museum of Art, but pretty crowded. Recently I rarely go to the crowded places, I was so tired to being with so many people.

I was heard from one of my best friends who had being to this National Palace Museum, she told me that “There are so crowded. Be there before opening. Climb up the museum to the Cabbage and the Meat.” I got the pre-sale ticket before going to this museum, I was arrived at the gate on 8:15 or so. I had the ticket on my hand, and was finding the lane. The officers told me to enter on 8:25 or so. I was the first visitor of the Cabbage and the Meat on that day. I monopolized them for few mins.

After the room was getting crowded, I went to see the other rooms. The room of the Cabbage and the Meat was always crowded when I saw.

The early hour was better. But after 10:00 AM or so, this museum was filled by people. I planned to be there for one day, but I was tired, and felt like through up. I rushed to the Tea house, but after I returned, it was MORE AND MORE people. I gave up to be there.

Hotels nearby

Shilin is also famous as the Night Market, but seemed there are less convenient hotels. This museums was one of the my purposes in Taipei, I needed to a convenient hotel. I decided to stay a hotel along Danshui Line, which also go to Taipei Station. I took Sun Route Taipei, which is a Japanese hotel. It was pretty convenient to the museum, sight seeing, and going to the airport. I am a Japanese, and it was easy to communicate with the staffs in this hotel by Japanese and English.


Hong Kong Museum of Art

Basic Information

 Address 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
 Phone (852) 2721 0116
 Hour Mondays to Fridays 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays 10:00am – 7:00pm
 Closed Thursdays (except public holidays)
Closed at 5:00 pm on Christmas Eve
Closed on the first two days of the Chinese New Year
 HP http://hk.art.museum
 Special Exhibition

Access by Public Transportation

MTR: Exit F of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station
Ferry: Star Ferry Pier at Tsim Sha Tsui


As I remember it is on 2009. Because of the special exhibition the building was wrapped.

Now, you may know what it is.

Louis Vitton. LV supports young artists, and this exhibition was for those. It was pretty cool exhibition.

Victorian Harbor

This museum is facing the Victorian Harbor.

The opposite shore is like that.


I pretty liked this LV special exhibition, but I also like regular exhibition. From Chinese traditional arts to Hong Kong’s modern arts.

Hotels nearby

The Peninsula Hotel, The Kaoloon Hotel, YMCA, 1881 Heritage, Sheraton, and Inter-Continental Hotel.
If you are looking for more discount hotels, take a MTR or Bus ride, and go up the Nathan Road to the North, Jordan to MongKok.


Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

Basic Information

 Address No.39, Chang’an W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan
 Phone +886 2-2552-3721
 Hour Tuesday – Sunday, 10 a.m – 6 p.m
 Closed Closed on Mondays
Opened on national holidays
 HP http://www.mocataipei.org.tw/blog
 Special Exhibition http://www.mocataipei.org.tw/blog/post/26959427

Access by Public Transportation

MTR Danshui Line, Zhongshan Station, Exit R4 and then a 5-minute walk

Outside look

When I see old red brick building with white line, I always remind my school.

From the other side.

In this museum, I also remind other museum; MoMA PS1.
I have written about this museum.


Building history—as an elementary school while Japanese Colony

It was true that I had reminded about schools. I told a young staff that this building reminded my university in Japan, she told me that this building was built as an elementary school when Japan ruled.

I see.

New talent

When I visit here, Dec of 2011, there was this special exhibition.

Inside of the building

Truly school.

The steps.

They allow us to take photos, but do not use flash.

Museum Store

The sense of choice is great.
I bought a key holder.

Outside of the museum

Hotels nearby

Zhongshan area is nearby Taipei Station. And compared with Taipei Station, this area is modest, and one of the ideal place as hotel area.


Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Basic Information


 Address  1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
 Phone  (852) 2180 8188
 Hour Monday, Wednesday to Friday : 10am – 6pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 10am – 7pm
Christmas Eve and Chinese New Year’s Eve : 10am – 5pm
Please check http://www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk/engtxt/aboutus/planyourvisit_openinghours.aspx
Closed Tuesdays (except public holidays) and the first two days of the Chinese New Year
 HP http://www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk
 Special Exhibition

Access by Public Transportation


Che Kung Temple Station (Exit A) and then a 5-minute walk.
Sha Tin Station (Exit A) and then a 15-minute walk.
Walking from Sha Tin Station, you have to walk trough the big mall of Sha Tin. There is a map.


I stayed one of my friends place in this Sha Tin. So, there are no pictures to there from Sha Tin Station.

On the Way

HK Culture Museum Building

HK Culture Museum Outside1

HK Culture Museum Window
Seeing outside from the window.

HK Culture

I like New Territory area, because of its cleaner air.

Inside of the building

HK Culture Museum Inside


I laughed. It maybe because Asian Toilet is different from Western sitting bowl. Some of the people from China (Mainland) are do not know about this bowl.



Hotels nearby

HK IT Information Guide

I (Cherry) is planning to visit HongKong. I am going to search and together about HongKong IT Information in this page.

Pre-Paid SIM

Unlike Japan, HK is famous about it is easy to buy and find pre-paid SIM.

HongKong International Airport

There is “3″ at Terminal 1.
Please choose what you will buy.
3G International Roaming Rechargeable SIM Card
3G Rechargeable SIM Card for iPad

Departures Check-in Hall, Level 7
Non-restricted Area
07:00 – 23:00


Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM

For Tourist.

Get it right upon your arrival!
You can get the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card at more than 2,000 7-Eleven, Circle K or VanGO convenience stores (including at the airport), over 60 PCCW shops, Suning and Broadway retail stores, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Kowloon Visitor Centre at the Star Ferry Concourse in Tsim Sha Tsui.


As I remember, In the arrivals hall, you can find Airport Express station, and there is also a 7-11.

Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall, Level 5
Non-restricted Area


Level 5
Non-restricted Area
00:00 – 24:00

As of Oct of 2013. Please pay attention about Nano-SIM Users.

Suitable for devices using Micro-SIM. (Please visit PCCW stores if you have a device using a Nano-SIM)



They are changeable. Please check the latest price.  http://www2.pccw-hkt.com/portal/gen/WEB/home/Services_And_Pricing/3G_Rechargeable_SIM_Card/PCCW-HKT_Discover_HK_Tourist_SIM_Card.jsp?lang=en&treeMenu=treeMenu_mainMenuID0&subMenu=subMenu_level_1ID0_9&parent=parent_level_1ID0_9&cid=level_2ID0_9_0


When you purchase those 2 kind of SIM, you can have Wi-Fi Access. But there is a free Wi-Fi in HK>


As long as you have devices, you can use this one.
Find where you can access this GovWiFi.


To use encrpyted connection,
Set the Network ID (SSID) to “freegovwifi-e” and click “Connect”;
Input user name: “govwifi” and password: “govwifi”.
(Refer Setup Guides for detail configuration procedures of specific operation systems)



PCCW Wi-Fi HotSpot

Seems this is by HongKong Tourist Board.


I will update after I back to Japan.
・Whether I can use 3′s Wi-Fi by my iPod Touch
・Whether “PCCW Wi-Fi HotSpot” and WiFi access of “Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM” is the same or not.


Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture

Basic Information

ClosedThird Tuesday of the month(or next day when Tuesday in holiday)

 Address 1-1-1 Tateyama Nagasaki Shi 850-0007
 Phone 095-818-8366
 Hour 8:30~19:00
 HP http://www.nmhc.jp/global/english_leaf.pdf
 Special Exhibition http://www.nmhc.jp/exhibition.html (Japanese Only)

Access by Public Transportation

●By Public Transportation
・5 minutes walk from Sakura Machi Tram Station
・7 minutes walk from Kokaido Mae Tram Station
・3 minutes walk from Sakura Machi Koen-mae Bus Stop
●By Car
10 minutes by car from the Nagasaki Highway Susukizuka Interchange Susukizuka toward Suwa Shrine
(Cherry went to this museum when I walking through the city.)

Out Side

Upside of the steps



They built again Nagaski Bugyosho, a government of Nagasaki in Edo era. This is the very the place of that one.

This is a view of the garden.


It is one of the students school trip cities. Because of Nuclear Bomb, Christian history, and a gate of the world and Japan in Edo Era.

So, there are so many number of volunteer guides.
But I am a person who wants see and read as my speed. It was pretty annoying for me they told to me when I was watching and seeing the exhibition.

Please attention, the government side is wind through. It was pretty cold for me, because I visited there on the mid of Jan.

There are other special exhibition, and it was pretty good.

Hotels nearby

It is small city that Nagasaki. You can visit here anywhere from this city.



Basic Information

 Address 22-25 Jackson Ave. at the intersection of 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
 Phone  (718) 784-2084
 Hour  12–6 PM, Thursday through Monday,
 Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.
On Christmas Eve MoMA PS1 closes at 3 p.m.
 HP http://momaps1.org
 Special Exhibition

Access by Public Transportation

My recommend is by subway.


See also http://momaps1.org/visit/

E and M Trains

Get off at the Court Square–23 St stop. After exiting the train walk towards the 21 Street exit (away from 7 train connection and Jackson Avenue exit). Take a left onto 21 Street and walk 3 blocks.

7 Train

Get off at the Court Square, exit onto Jackson Avenue and walk right one block to 46th Avenue.

G Train

Get off at the 21st St. stop. MoMA PS1 is the large brick building across the street to the left. Walk around the building to come to our front entrance.

On the Way

Walking from 45 Rd – Court House Sq

Actually I do not remember the exactly, but seems I tool line 7, and got off 45 Rd – Court House Sq, because I remember I went to this museum from Isamu Noguchi Museum, where is also in Queens. The nearest station of Isamu Noguchi is Broadway station, and from that station, changing lines at Queensboro station to 7, and I remember the sound of “Queensboro”. Anyway the station, which I got off was elevated line and elevated station, it was easy to find the way to the museum.

The outside of the museum






PS1 means “Primary School 1″, as the name, where was an elementary school used to be. As Modern Art Museum in Taipei, its visiting exhibition room is the system of entering each class room.

The collections are by young artists, it means they are future artistic figure, or, just a usual in the future. It is adorable that the items are fresh, and some how rough. But I was so tired to see there were full of “racial”, “sexual”, or mixing both of them. How they are important for the artists, the themas are already outmoded for me. It is true they are the themas which can easy to make people impress or surprise. Yes, this is the very what I am talking, “easy”. I feel they are escaping easier way.

There are quite few artistic figures like Andy Warhol, this is the reason why they are figures. When you visit here often, you may see the birth of new figures, I am sure.


See also http://momaps1.org/visit/
Taking photos of collections are not permitted.

Videotaping and still photography is permitted in the courtyard and cafe only.


This is “MoMA” PS1. If you have used ticket of MoMA, you can go to this museum freely. I? I went to wrong way. I went to PS1 first, and MoMA second. So, I had to pay for both!
See also http://momaps1.org/visit/

MoMA tickets must be presented at MoMA PS1 within 14 days of the date on the ticket and are not valid during Warm Up and some MoMA PS1 special exhibitions, events or benefits.

Hotels nearby

It is in Queens, where is a residential area in NYC. As tourists, it my be easy to find hotels in Manhattan. It takes longer time to go there from Manhattan, but as I did, you can go to Isamu Noguchi Museum where is also in Queens, and it is a good museum day to visit both museums in once, I am sure.

fukuoka shibi

Fukuoka Art Museum

Basic Information


 Address 1-6 Ohori-Koen Park, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0051
 Phone 092-714-6051
 Hour 9:30-17:30(entry by 17:00)
July and August until 19:30(entry by 19:00) except for Sundays and holidays
Close Every Monday (except for Mondays which fall on a holiday, when the first following weekday will be closed)
New Year’s Holidays:December 28-January 4
 HP http://www.fukuoka-art-museum.jp/english/
 Special Exhibition http://www.fukuoka-art-museum.jp/english/ec/html/ec01/fs_ec01.htm

Access by Public Transportation


・10 mins walk from Subway Airport Line Ohhori Station
・10 mins walk from Subwat Nanakuma Line Ropponmatsu Station


From Hakata Station:
From Hakata Bus Terminal: Take bus No.13, get off at Bus Stop-3min. walk. Take Nos.12,113,114,200-204,208, get off at -5min. walk.
From Tenjin:
Fukuoka Bldg/Kyowa Bldg Mae: Take bus Nos.13,140, get off at Bus Stop-3min. walk. Take No. 12, get off at Akasaka San-chome Bus Stop-5 min. walk.
Tenjin Core Mae: Take bus Nos.7,200,201,203-206,208, get off at Bus Stop-5min. walk.
Kego Jinja/Mitsukoshi Mae: Take bus Nos.6,7,113,114,200?206, 208. Get off at Bus Stop- 5min. walk. Take No.6-1, get off at -3min. walk.



On the Way—walking Ohhori Park

I liked walking the path in the woods. To be honest, I was surprised to hear the sound of radio— it is from the “residents” in the Park.


You can also walk water side.

Could you find the museum?

Piece by Yayoi Kusama

Going to Ropponmatsu Simde

The other side.


NHK is at the other side of this road.


The collections are not pretty great than big museums. But there are also Andy Warhol or Basquia, and Buddhism collections are worth seeing. They have special exhibitions which is not always enough to visit, but please check often what they have. Once two years or so, they have pretty good one.

Hotels nearby

In Fukuoka city, most of the hotels are in Tenjin area or Hakata area, but going to this museum, Tenjin Area is convenient. When you try to stay at near by Akasaka Station, the accommodation cost will be cheaper.


Kyushu National Museum

Basic Information of Kyushu National Museum

ClosedMonday Check Year Schedule (Japanese)

 Adress 4-7-2 Ishizaka, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka, 818-0118
 Phone 092-918-2807 (May Japanese)
 Hour 9:30 – 17:00 (last entry 16:30)
Sometimes it is changed.
 HP http://www.kyuhaku.com
Special Exhibition Special Exhibition

Access by Pubic Transportation

・From City of Fukuoka, Take a ride of a train from Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station, some are direct, but mostly change lines at Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station, get off at Dazaifu Station. It takes 35-40 mins. Walk from Dazaifu Sattion to the Museum for 10 mins.
・From JR Hakata Terminal Station, take a ride of Fukuoka City Subway to Tenjin Station and go to Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station.

Walking from Dazaifu Station

The route is too far way by Google Maps!

The way from Dazaifu Station to the Museum

It is quite uniques that the building design of Starbucks.

Dazaifu Tenmangu

This is a signboard.

Go into this building.

Climbing up this escalator and tunnel with automatic mover. In this tunnel, the light color changes few times, and it was pretty beautiful.

Here is the museum. Sometimes students in school trip are in here.

At the building


It is new and big building. It maybe so beautiful in Autumn.


Recently, when they have bigger special exhibitions near Fukuoka, they often at this Kyushu National Museum. In person, I recommend this main exhibition room. You will find lots of relics at Northern Kyushu area, of course they are neither rich nor gorgeous like Chinese one. My favorite is Haniwa, Japanese terra-cotta, which is pretty good looking. As I remember, all of they are prohibited to take pictures.


I recommend to stay at city of Fukuoka, not city of Dazaifu.